Kevington’s Neighbour Network


At a Kevington rental, you are part of more than just the four walls that surround you. When you live or work in one of our properties, you are warmly welcomed into the building and neighbourhood community — a community you can be proud to call home.

In our increasingly technological world, human connection can be lacking. Rather than considering the internet to be a barrier between us, we choose to use it as a tool to bring neighbours together.

That’s where Kevington’s Neighbour Network comes in.

Hosted on a social engagement server called Honeycommb, Kevington’s Neighbour Network is an exclusive platform through which you can connect with your fellow building residents.

Consider this platform your gateway to the building’s internal community. You can share recipes, see if anyone wants to pet sit, organize game nights, or sell that houseplant you feel guilty about neglecting.

Community starts at home. Connectedness is key. Get to know your hive.

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