Our Culture


Connecting Community

Warm, generous hubs of human connectedness.

At a Kevington rental, you are part of more than just the four walls that surround you. When you live or work in one of our properties, you are warmly welcomed into the building and neighbourhood community — a community you will be proud to call home. Some of the ways we connect our tenants and bring joy to people’s lives: 

  • We’re proud to create positive live and workplaces for people and pets
  • You have a direct connection with our local management team
  • Our beautiful spaces are designed for how you live and work
  • We host a variety of events to keep our communities connected
  • Our common areas are environments that excite the senses and spark connection
  • We support causes close to home to positively impact our neighbourhood

The highest standards. The happiest tenants.

Our Buildings

Positive spaces. Vibrant places.

Whether residential or commercial, our rentals help you feel connected, nourished and invigorated. Our buildings are intentionally designed for the way you work, relax and connect with other people. Here’s how our building environments bring a sense of positivity and energy to our building community:

  • Over 55 years, constructing beautiful buildings inspired by people
  • We build and design to reflect on how you live and work
  • We employ a full time team of maintenance, horticulturalists, and building cleaners
  • We consider outdoor aesthetics as important as the interior design
  • Our sustainability efforts and environmentally friendly features reduces your footprint
  • To keep you safe, our buildings, have security systems and on call personnel
  • We build and manage properties that you are proud to be a part of

The highest standards. The happiest tenants.

Our Approach

Putting the human experience first.

Family owned and family run, for over 55 years we have been focused on driving human betterment though mutual respect, investing in people and using our energy to positively impact those who live and work at our properties. At Kevington, we are committed to shaping the rental living and working experience like no other. Here are some of the things that distinguish us:

  • Mutual respect and cooperation are at the core of our interactions
  • We believe communication eliminates barriers between tenant and owner
  • Our dedicated team continuously cares for our properties and all our tenants
  • Hosting people is a huge honour, we know your name and your pet’s name, too

The highest standards. The happiest tenants.

Sustainable Practices

A better environment. A better tomorrow.

We believe that the land our rental properties are built on is on loan to us from future generations. We maintain the property and foster community so that it has a sustainable impact for years to come. By acknowledging that our properties and the people who live and work in them are part of the wider environment, we pay close attention to every choice we make. Here’s a bird’s eye view of our commitment to sustainable practices:

  • We are committed to providing environmentally friendly green spaces
  • Our landscaping team utilize drought resistant plants in our gardens
  • The properties are equipped with a programmable sprinkler system to avoid over watering our gardens
  • We limit the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals
  • Tenants take part in our recycling, composting and waste diversion programs
  • We are actively converting lighting to motion activated LED lighting systems
  • Investing in electric power tools allows us to move away from gas usage
  • Reduced energy and water consumption with energy saving appliances and fixtures at our residential properties
  • Kevington is a member of the Rental Apartment Efficiency Program sponsored by Fortis BC

Building specific initiatives:

  • Producing organic fruit and vegetables from our gardens (Edgemont, District Main, the U)
  • Cultivating bees to help the bee population (Edgemont, District Main, Victoria Drive, Wallace, the U)
  • Recovering heat by recycling vented hot air (Edgemont, District Main, the U)
  • We support car sharing and even have electric car charging stations (Edgemont, Wallace, District Main, the U)
  • We install bicycle storage racks at our properties (Edgemont, District Main, Mattan, Birch, the U)

The highest standards. The happiest tenants.

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